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March 24th Photo Hunt: Tree Tree

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March 23 Photo Hunt: Weather March 23 Photo Hunt

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March 22: Gallery March 22 PHOTO GALLERY

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March 21-22 Photo Hunt Days 4 & 5 Theme Change: Weekend Vibes! Feel free to send in a few photos; not just one! Gallery of shared photos will be showcased tomorrow night. Submit photos of any themes from this week to: [email protected]. The daily photo hunt theme resumes Monday. Have a great weekend and happy shooting!



March 21-22 Photo Hunt


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March 20th Photo Hunt: Street Sign Please see the list of all the Spring Photo Hunt themes at

Today's theme: Street Sign

March 20th Photo Hunt

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Spring 2020 Photo Hunt: March 19th: Animals/Pets Today's video recaps the Rule of Thirds and today's photo hunt theme: Animals/Pets. Today is Day 2 of our kiddos' HomeSchooling/E-Learning. Perhaps your family too has transformed a room into a makeshift classroom. In our "classroom", our dog, Patton, has become the "Class Pet".


Any other class pets out there celebrating the full-time presence of its family?! Please share photos to [email protected].
March 19 Photo Hunt

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Spring 2020 Photo Scavenger Hunt Kick-Off! Rollie and the Rule of Thirds! Have fun practicing framing a photo with this helpful tic-tac-toe grid! The hunt is also available online via Facebook at: Enjoy!


Rollie and the Rule of ThirdsMarch 18th Photo Hunt

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Spring Photo Scavenger Hunt, Intro Greetings to all the kiddos who are interested in the Spring Photography Scavenger Hunt! I look forward to sharing some mini lessons as you snap a photo of any or all of the 19 Spring photo hunts. A gallery of images will be shared throughout the hunt-check it out to see your image showcased! Please view the intro video and stay tuned Wednesday morning at 10am for the photo hunt kick-off. It will require a camera/device with a built-in camera, the cut-out grid (see image below to print), and a roll of toilet paper. Sharing the images is optional but only the daily theme is to be submitted via email to [email protected]. Let's have fun snapping pics!

Photo Hunt, INTRO


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Focus 2020 Workshop On March 6th, I had the pleasure of giving a photography workshop to 42 elementary students. Each participant received a "Photographer" lanyard before beginning the lesson. Kindergarteners through 5th graders learned about the Rule of Thirds (tic-tac-toe grid), lighting, and "ABCs" of photography. They were able to stage their own photo with the same prop: a stuffed animal of the school mascot, Pete.

Each photographer showed such enthusiasm and creativity when setting up Pete for the photo. A mini polaroid printer printed a 2x3 photo of each student's image-they chose b/w or color print. After mounting them on card stock, each image was hung on a string display for discussion before taking them home.

Thanks to the teachers and volunteers who helped with the workshop. Check out the photos that were captured by these creative minds.


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New Year, New Babies Each time I visit a client home for newborn photos, my hearts swells. Inside their "nest" is a new soul and a family that is adjusting to the gigantic shift that comes with this new 6 to 10 pound (give or take) presence. I still marvel at how we all start out so tiny. My goal is to make everyone feel at ease and calm during a newborn session, which takes place within the first week of birth. It's not to be rushed. We will chat during baby feedings, talk about the birthing experience, and swoon over the snuggled bundle. By the end, I will snap over 700 photos (and replace numerous pacifiers). The result is priceless!

Thanks to Raelin's Mom and Dad for the hands-on assistance! 

Newborn shoot

(Dig the socks? So do kiddos. Thanks, Mom!)

As a photographer, I am honored to capture these special moments with a new baby. As a mother, I know how these photos will be cherished. Our oldest baby inspired my journey behind the camera and now at 11 years old, he's almost as tall as me. I need a time-machine!


Time truly flies and I love giving families a chance to reflect on the "pause" of time that these photos allow. Welcome to the world, sweet babies, and congrats to your families!

Welcome, Baby Jonathan! See their maternity session below. 

BabyHaugens140BabyHaugens140 BabyHaugens092BabyHaugens092 BabyHaugens133BabyHaugens133 BabyHaugens054BabyHaugens054 BabyHaugens124BabyHaugens124 BabyHaugens008BabyHaugens008 BabyHaugens128BabyHaugens128 BabyHaugens080BabyHaugens080

Their Maternity Session

Haugens004Haugens004 Haugens052Haugens052 Haugens044Haugens044

Haugens055Haugens055 Haugens059Haugens059


Welcome, Baby Raelin!

Cool pose, isn't it? My kids call it the "Sloth Pose"-we love sloths!

 (For fun, the original photo is below...) RAEWLIN082RAEWLIN082



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So Many Smiles! So many sessions, so little time to post about it! It's been a busy few weeks; enjoy a snapshot of some amazing smiles. The first October Mini Sessions are booking now for Oct. 13th at Riverview Farmstead, Naperville. I look forward to being your photographer!


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