Located in my Naperville home, the studio is set up to photograph your new bundle of joy (first 10 days of life are best for those sleepy, snuggly portraits) along with your immediate family members.


Why do I operate a studio rather than traveling to the client home?

Good question! I used to travel to the homes of my clients but would all too often encounter the following obstacles:

#1) Poor Lighting/Staging

This is the biggest challenge. Particularly with newborns, flash photography is a big no-no. But it's also not a part of my photographic style. Natural God-given light is how I capture people. The above photograph was taken in the late afternoon near a window (at my studio). However, even if the client home has good lighting, it may be blocked by furnishings, etc. The last thing a family with a newborn needs to worry about is staging your home.

It's your dwelling-not a studio. Just come to mine. 

#2) Stressed Parent=Stressed Baby

When you bring a newborn home, it's a beautiful chaos. Baby stuff, laundry, more baby stuff, toys, dirty dishes. And that's exactly as it should be. You are bonding with your new love. I could tell upon arrival to client homes that they went through the trouble of tidying up (excessively!) only to be tired and cranky at session time.

So too, was the baby.

And the other parent.

And really anyone else in the home at the time...even the pets.

Just leave your rightfully un-tidy nest for a bit and enjoy some time in my studio. It'll be better for everyone. 

It'll be better for your priceless portraits!

#3) Props, props, and more props

Props are lovely. I have lots of them. They like being in the studio.

They don't like being hauled around and scratched or brought into homes...where pets eat them. 

Props are happy in their studio nest. They'll be so so happy to meet your newborn!

STUDIO2STUDIO2 studioprops4studioprops4 studioprops6studioprops6 Newborn Poser with Multiple Backdrop Options studioroom4studioroom4 studioroom2studioroom2 Bright, Natural Light Studio

STUDIO1STUDIO1 wrapswraps

The $500 newborn session includes:

A two-hour session with unlimited photos. This includes time for baby feedings, diapering, and snuggling. 

One outfit change~most photos are taken with newborn wraps/swaddling. 

Everly030Everly030 All props such as the princess carriage, vintage pram, beanbag poser, organic newborn wraps, headbands, select outfits, and blankets. Please let me know prior to the session if you will be bringing any of your own props or items. 

All edited photos delivered via online gallery. Final proofs are downloadable from the gallery and you will also receive a keepsake USB drive of all edited photos. You can order amazing professional quality prints from my lab or order on your own. Print release is provided. These photos are yours to enjoy, share, etc. and no restriction is placed for birth announcements, etc. 

See my Shannon A. Guarantee on my studio philosophy.

Clients dig it.

I reserve the right to post photos to my photography website, Facebook sites, and marketing materials.

The family portraits are taken first but most of the session is me, baby, and Mom in the studio. If spouse/partner/grandparent will be staying for the remainder of the session, my family room is a great place for family and siblings to watch TV, have a snack, and hang out until "that's a wrap!"

(No pets, please. However, I gladly welcome all pets to regular, outdoor family sessions!)

I can't wait to meet your new baby and look forward to providing you with photos to be cherished for years!