Welcome to the Spring 2020 Photo Hunt! Feel free to participate in any or all of the themes. Given the nature of our current circumstances with Covid-19, this hunt was created to give kiddos and families a chance to come together and capture the world around them. There is so much beauty and life around us-let's capture it together!

Sharing of photos is optional; a gallery will be shared each week (no names, etc. will be shown) so be sure to check it out and see your shared photos showcased! If the daily theme isn't an option for you, feel free to snap a photo of anything you like--a tree, a book your reading, etc.

Since many of you have asked if you can email previous daily themes to me for viewing: Yes, you can email any of the themes to [email protected]. I am so excited to share the fun of photography with you!

March 18th: Rollie and The Rule of Thirds

March 18th Photo Hunt

March 19th: Pet/Animal/Stuffed Animal:

March 19 Photo Hunt

March 20th: Street Sign

  March 20th Photo Hunt

March 21-22: Weekend Vibes (theme change)
March 21-22 Photo Hunt

March 22: Gallery



March 23: Weather

March 23 Photo Hunt

March 24: Tree

March 25: Water


March 26: A completed puzzle



March 27: A coin

March 27 A coin

April 7: The sky


April 7 Photo Hunt

April 8: A front door
April 8 Photo Hunt

FINAL PHOTO HUNT April 9: A flower

Last Photo Hunt